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Port of Savannah expansion
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Forsyth County News

The agreement with the federal government to deepen the river will be signed Oct. 8. Cost will be about $1 billion.

This will create jobs to load and unload containers. Overland transportation will be about the same as if the goods were produced in the U.S. Ocean container ships are mostly owned by foreign corporations so we lose that revenue, as well payment for the goods.

Cheaper ocean freight will encourage more imports and the closing of more factories, layoffs, food stamps and welfare. This fuels the decline in the U.S. and Georgia’s economy.

lt creates a serious decline in federal taxes, as the importers seem to get massive tax breaks for some unknown reason.

lmports are wiping out the middle class. Now if we could just get the fair tax to finish the job we would all be impoverished together.


Mitchell Easter