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Proposed gun law is an insane idea
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Forsyth County News

I have never, in all my years, seen anything so stupid as the bill our legislators are about to try to pass. They are going to try to pass a law allowing people to carry guns in schools, colleges, businesses, bars, churches and on the streets of our towns. It looks like we may be going back to the old west days. Shoot first, then ask questions.

It makes me question whether some of the legislators are very intelligent. You do not put a loaded gun on a person and allow them to go to a bar where alcohol is served. If an argument comes up, somebody is probably going to be shot.

Now about our churches. A church is God’s house and no guns should be allowed in the church or on the church grounds. The members of churches should put a stop to this immediately by contacting their legislators and telling them they do not want guns in their church. Who wants to sit in church and wonder if the person next to them is wearing a weapon? A church should be a safe haven.

I cannot believe that the people of the state of Georgia will allow this insane idea. Please let your representative hear from you, loud and clear, that you are against this bill. I pray that all of you are in agreement on this, and won’t sit back and hope something good will happen without doing anything to voice your opposition.


Sid Barfield