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Re: Articles in FCN on March 6
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Forsyth County News

RE: Crash KOs power, traffic on corridor. We are going to continue experiencing crashes, injuries and likely deaths in this disastrously engineered roadway-area so long we have the likes of vehicles entering Hwy. 20 from northbound Ga. 400 and having to cross three lanes of Hwy. 20, while dodging east-bound traffic coming from Hwy. 9, in order to turn left on to Market Place Boulevard  from a backed-up turn-lane.

The idiocy of such design, if you want to call it design, is inexcusable. What are we going to do about it?

Blame it on GDOT if you like. But is GDOT not, in this situation, the tail wagging the dog?

How did we let this happen, and are we going to let this kind of thing continue? Are we going to continue to let 18-wheelers continue to travel through the center of town?

RE: Proposal aired for lake park and group floats idea for sailing program. We simply can’t keep spending money; especially for programs or facilities that do not have broad appeal and benefits.

We can’t even maintain our existing infrastructure (county roads are an example) yet special interest groups continue to push for more and more.

From where is the money going to continue coming?


William Byers