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Resident asks body shop owners to reconsider
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Forsyth County News

Don’t you love the scenery along Stoney Point Road? I wish the speed limit was 15 mph just so I could soak up more of it.

The horse pastures, the lovely neighborhood entrances and the most beautiful red barn ever.

The arching trees, the winding road, the crisp white farm houses with green metal roofs. Such simple beauty that tells the story of rural roots and the (mostly) gentle evolution of families nestling in, to raise our children in a fabulous school district that is close to our churches, favorite grocery stores and the movie theater.

Do you happen to love some of these same things? I imagine that you do, after all, you and I chose the same neighborhood to live in.

Neighbor to neighbor, would you indulge me briefly, as I plea with you to reconsider the location for your Cumming body shop? I know that you have every right to build Classic Collision on our corner, but you could also choose not to.  Our corner is a gateway to one of the most beautiful residential corridors in south Forsyth. Our corner is the gateway home for thousands of families.

We are all extremely concerned about the body shop’s screeching and pounding noise that families will have to listen to when they go outdoors. We are all desperately afraid of how your industrial business will affect our home values.

We can’t bear the thought of having to look at hundreds of wrecked cars as we drive to and fro each day. And frankly, we are all confounded and disturbed by what appears to be Classic Collision’s complete disregard for the zoning conditions placed on this parcel in 2008. After all, the zoning conditions were strategically designed by our commissioners in order to preserve aesthetic value for the community at large. 

Please tell us you care. Please tell us that you want to be a good corporate neighbor. Please choose a more suitable location that is not near homes and families. 

Thank you for your kind consideration.


Mandi Newton