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Respect for city of Cummings leaders
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Forsyth County News

What would you think if there was a city with a long-term mayor and city council, who were probably the national envy, as that city has the longest serving mayor in the U.S. They have $50 million surplus in rainy day funds all buildings as I understand it paid for.

Gee, I wish we had them running our county. Maybe we’d have sewer throughout our county, as should have been done 20 years ago, based on growth.

It seems there’s been a little rift in the council as of late, which by the way happens in all human interactions. I’m sure that can be resolved internally without outside interference from a government that is in debt trillions and morally and ethically bankrupt.

Now to the mayor’s girlfriend and city attorney. I see that lady doing many things for our city and county, always supporting our mayor. I’m not a city resident, but I observe a lot that goes on and think that we’re getting a good bang for our buck, if we’re only paying for health insurance for this lady.

This city also charges no city property taxes. Our nation should work on this model, so when the feds question our mayor, they should take notes and learn how to balance our budget and lower our taxes.

I pray for our city and all council members and like and respect each one of them, but know them all. I guess I know the mayor the least, but respect the fact that they have managed the finances so well.



Cleve Chadwick