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Voters should decide whats law of the land
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Forsyth County News

Two weeks ago was one of the most terrible weeks, that is, the laws that were passed by our Supreme Court.

One case was its approval to take tax money and pay for Obamacare, which was wrong from the start.

Our Congressmen passed this without even reading what was in the bill and some of them have admitted this because of the length of the bill and the way it was secretly done in the dark by the president’s team.

Now our Supreme Court has approved gay marriage in all 50 states and intends to force this man-made law on us whether we approve of it or not.

I believe this is wrong and that each citizen of each state should have the right to vote on this and not just be made a law of the land by five court judges.

We should have a process to recall these judges and vote them out of their lifetime appointments. They never even considered what God thinks of this fiasco.

They need to read Leviticus and understand what our Holy Father is telling them and abide by his law rather than a man-made law.

The citizens of this great nation had better get registered to vote and vote so we can retire these lifetime politicians, both in Congress and on the local level because they are there for money and power, not to work for the people that elected them.


Sid Barfield