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Why do athletes pay so much?
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Forsyth County News

I would like for someone to help me understand why it costs $750 for a freshman student junior varsity and varsity student in Forsyth County Schools to play football, in addition be required to sell $500 worth of coupon that will give the buyer of the coupon book a discount at businesses in Forsyth County. If you do not sell the coupon books, you are required to buy them. Plus other fundraisers held throughout the year. Does all of this money go into the school system budget? Where does it go and who is responsible for all of it?

The majority of the property tax goes to the school system. Why can’t the school system offer a football program for the students?

In addition, you go to the grocery store and are asked to contribute money to buy pencils and paper for students in the system. What about the family that has three students that want to play football? That is $3,000 for a family. Of course, you are told if you cannot afford it there is help. No family wants to go to the school and ask for help.

It used to be that on a lot less money schools taught the  basics and sports was a part of it to learn team work and fair play.

I have heard that the $750 pays for their uniforms, helmets, cleats, etc., so they are all matching.

It seems like the school system’s priorities must be in the wrong place.


Frances Eaton