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Mike Tasos: The National Football League continues to blow it
Mike Tasos

Strike three!

No need for alarm. I haven’t gone all “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest” on you. 

Last Sunday, the Nasty Football League, blew it. 

Some in these parts opine that local weather prognosticators blew it this week. I say we see how the meteorologists are betting on the Super Bowl.

Then let’s clean up by discarding their predictions and wager the opposite way.

We were reminded that this past Monday was the five-year anniversary of “Snowmageddon.” No way were we to get caught with our plows down.

Schools were cancelled. Lunch meat, bread and milk were “put up” and we hunkered down. Nothing but some dandruff flakes appeared. No snow. The New Englanders in Atlanta laughed themselves silly. 

We erred on the side of caution. No harm. No foul.

But what happened last Sunday in New Orleans was pretty close to criminal. Does anyone think the stench on the field in the Superdome rivaled the personal foul to the olfactory caused by sewers backing up in the French Quarter?

I know there is a hatred of the Big Easy by Falcons. Maybe because the Saints have won more Super Bowls (1) than the Birds. 

Take that win away and no professional sports team is in the Saints’ league for being hapless.

It smelled fishy to me, especially since there has been little heard from the official who blew the call. The Who Dats deserved better. Instead, they’ll be home drinking Hurricanes at Pat O’Brian’s or eating a bag of beignets at the Café du Monde.

It’s all water under Canal Street now. The Rams should be home in LA/Inglewood/Carson. Or wherever they are playing these days.

Strike one!

“Avarice” should be somewhere in the NFL’s bylaws. The league is an inspirational group. 

It has inspired hotels and restaurants to raise prices. Ditto for the airlines. I tried to buy an Atlanta-Nashville ticket for a Monday/Wednesday trip. Would have cost nearly $800 for the 35-minute trip. But a one-way ticket on Wednesday was $126.

There are more scammers in town than you’ll find on 20 trips to a carnival midway. The Super Bowl has priced itself out of reach for the common fan. 

There are no free tickets. At least many of them. The Rams-Patriots players are allotted 15 each. The problem: Only two of the ducats are free. 

Earlier in the week, a seat at the game was between $3000 and $7,000. For for one football game? Everything associated with the game will cost you: parking $125, party tickets up to $1,000. There’s a Ric Flair party for $700. If I lit my (used-to-be) cigars with $100 bills, I’d probably go for that one. 

Nothing like getting you amped up for the game like two guys beating one another over the head with chairs.

As someone who attended the first Super Bowl in Los Angeles with dear ol’ Gramps, it’s a safe bet that he paid peanuts by today’s standards and the game wasn’t a sellout. 

It’s a great memory that most will not experience. Few young fans at the game is a tragedy. Again, Roger Goodell and his minions have blown it.

Strike two!

It just doesn’t seem that all that many of us are excited about the game. I know the Bergmosers and Wozniaks are diehard Pats backers, but many don’t care.

It’s not like the game has much meaning. 

With all the great musical talent in Georgia, the halftime entertainment is a live performance by two guys most of us have never heard of (one even demanded $500,000 be donated to an obscure group and he got it!). 

I guess he said “no half million or I won’t play.” I would have said “So what.”

The ads will be political and lean left. 

No boycott here. Or kneeling. I tried to watch the NFL playoffs until that debacle in Louisiana. But I’m back to not watching because I don’t care.

I would suggest the NFL earmark some of today’s haul for extensive vision testing for its zebras.

Mike Tasos’ column is published every other Sunday. As he gets older, confusion has set in. Are the Rams from Los Angeles, Inglewood, Anaheim or St. Louis? That’s a foolproof way to expand your fan base. Comments can be sent to