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Column: Helmet Kisses: A Dear Football Mom column
By Candy A. Westbrook
Helmet Kisses

Dear Football Mom,

We have been invited to attend a college home game from a recruiting coach who offered the invite over the phone. When our son talked to the coach, naturally, he didn’t get any particulars about going, but isn’t that supposed to be something that happens after his senior season? Our son is a junior in high school. I thought visits to college campuses happened once senior seasons were over. Are they doing something sneaky by inviting him when he isn’t even a senior, yet?”

No. At least not at this point. They didn’t offer to pay for transportation or your hotel stay, right? That is, provided you don’t live across the road from the stadium and you actually do need some sort of transportation and hotel accommodations. As long as you are paying your own way, there is nothing wrong with this offer. On the other hand, if they did offer to say, fly him there and pay for his hotel and meals. Yep, that’s a big violation! Since your son didn’t really get a lot of information when talking to this coach, there should be no worries. I doubt the recruiting coach was going in that direction. I’m sure that coach will call again then ask your son to let you speak with him. You nearly have to be a lawyer to understand all the NCAA rules and regulations, but as far as I know, there are two types of visits to college campuses: Official and unofficial. The difference is who picks up the tab. As a junior in high school, I suggest going to as many unofficial campus visits as you wish or can afford. Just make sure you are the one picking up the check.

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Dear Football Mom,

The peewee football club we are associated with wants us parents to come up with fundraising ideas. I’m outraged! We are paying hefty prices to sign our sons up. We have three in three different age brackets. Isn’t it enough that we have to pay dues AND fees, and buy new cleats each year so our boys can play in the first place?

I hear you, I do. It is always a battle on the budget to cough up enough money to sign our sons up, much less paying fees, dues and fundraising purchases to boot. I know, you don’t want to be the only one not buying a car sticker. Look at it this way — fundraising can be a lot of fun. It creates comradery between parents, and there is no hard and fast rule that says you have to purchase anything. At least I don’t think so. Just volunteer. Nothing brings folks together more than working together for the same cause and goal. Have fun with it. Lend a hand or your brain. Who knows, you may have the best fundraising idea of all.    

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