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Opinion: Desperate times, desperate Democrats
Hank Sullivan
Hank Sullivan is a Forsyth County resident, businessman, author and speaker on American history, economics and geopolitics.

I never imagined they could keep this charade going as long as they have. But give the D.C. Democrats their due. They are relentless. 

As long as they can find one more witness, fabricating one more accusation, detailing one more supposedly-overheard conversation alleging Trump wrong-doing, regardless of how pitifully inept he or she might be toward making an impeachment case against our president, you can bet U.S. Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, will parade them in front of the mainstream cameras and attempt to simulate, as best they can, a legitimate reason for Congress to remove President Donald J. Trump from office. 

I have been watching political gamesmanship for a long time, but I have never witnessed anything like this. 

I can remember being disappointed with the Republicans in Congress, including our own 7th and 9th District Representatives Rob Woodall and Doug Collins, when it seemed they took very few real measures to resist various initiatives of President Barack Obama. But even I could never have expected the kind of resistance House Democrats have launched against this president. 

Normal people, even politicians, under normal circumstances, would never go to the extremes of Representatives Schiff, Jerry Nadler (D-NY), House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and others, just because a president of the other party happened to be elected. It would be one thing had President Trump actually perpetrated any of the crimes he is alleged, such as taking assistance from Vladimir Putin in winning the presidency, or calling for investigations against obvious corrupt practices of former high U.S. officials, however only for political gain. Obviously, none of those is the case. 

So these are not normal circumstances. These are not normal times. Inept House Democrats leading the over-the-top charge to impeach President Trump must know there is no such case to make. 

But is it just ineptitude, or something else? I ask that because they know they will lose in any direction they tread. Trump has the Democrats in checkmate.  

Think about it.

If the House votes for impeachment, noting that 31 Democratic seats arise from districts supporting Trump in 2016, there is a reasonable chance those House members will not vote for a trial in the Senate. Democrats lose. 

And if those 31 Democrats decide to commit political hari-kari and vote for an impeachment trial, those 31 are practically assured to lose their seats, which means the Democrats lose power in the House. The Democrats lose.

And if they do pass the vote for an impeachment trial anyway, even establishment Republican Senator Mitt Romney, among the rest of the Republican-controlled Senate, would be hard-pressed to validate a Democrat case devoid of any real evidence. The House Democrats would have to convince 20 Republican senators to vote to remove a Republican president from office before it would actually occur. That’s not going to happen. Democrats lose again.

So unless House Democrats are perfect in their delusions, they know Trump isn’t going away based upon any scheme they might attempt.

So what is this all about? Why can’t House Democrats simply allow the political system to work the way it is designed? The next presidential election is less than a year away. Why not leave things where they are and go back to work, content that the American people will make their own decision next year?

They can’t. That is because, again, we are not witnessing normal times, normal circumstances and normal reactions by normal people. Instead, we are witnessing desperate times, desperate circumstances and desperate reactions by desperate people. 

Even before candidate Donald Trump won the presidency in 2016, Democrats began a concerted effort to overthrow his election. They have stopped at nothing. They will stop at nothing until the inevitable march of history, and the pursuit of God’s truth, not only stops them, but also holds them accountable. 

You see, Democrats remember what candidate Donald Trump revealed as his purpose in running. That was to “replace a failed and corrupt political establishment with a new government controlled by the American people.”

Trump elaborated, “The establishment has trillions of dollars at stake in this election … This is not simply another four-year election … This is a crossroads in the history of our civilization that will determine whether or not ‘we the people’ reclaim control over our government.” 

Democrats simply cannot let Trump succeed.

That’s because those to whom Trump referred to during the campaign, and those who partner with them in the U.S. Congress and federal bureaucracy, see their political and professional lives flashing before them. These are corporate political and bureaucratic dinosaurs watching an immense, meteoric fireball hurtling toward them, knowing that when it hits, life on planet Earth will never be the same.

So those who desperately attack President Trump, attempting to remove him from office — comprising not only an establishment political class, but also a corporate class including the media — are in big trouble should Trump win in 2020, especially should House Democrats be ousted from control, an outcome they fear more than anything.

That’s because when that occurs, a purge of corruption, and indeed the very corruptive systems within American government empowering it, will begin.

Hank Sullivan is a Forsyth County resident, businessman, author and speaker on American history, economics and geopolitics.