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Adams chooses Kentucky
South quarterback commits to Wildcats
File photo South Forsyth High School quarterback Brian Adams has made a verbal commitment to play football for the University of Kentucky.

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South Forsyth High School quarterback Brian Adams talks about his decision to play football at the University of Kentucky.
Brian Adams won’t need a change of wardrobe when he joins the collegiate ranks.
South Forsyth’s rising senior quarterback has chosen to stick with white and blue, after making a verbal commitment last week to play football for the University of Kentucky.
At least one thing, however, will be very different for Adams at the next level. Although his expected role as a Wildcat should keep him involved in plenty of passing situations, for the first time in his life, he’ll be on the other end of the play.
The 6-foot-4, 211-pound standout has been recruited as a wide receiver — a position he has never played before.
Adams auditioned as both a quarterback and a receiver, and the Wildcats’ coaching staff keyed on his overall athleticism. His 40-yard dash times have ranged from 4.49 seconds on grass to 4.38 seconds on turf during his recent workouts.
“They felt like if they worked with me on the route-running that I could end up becoming a possible threat in their offense,” Adams said. “They’re excited about having me up there and I can’t wait to get up there.”
Former War Eagles’ coach Greg Slattery said he has no doubts about Adams’ ability to transition to a new role on the field at the next level, thanks to both his athleticism and competitiveness.
“Those two qualities are what make him special,” Slattery said.
“He’s an incredible athlete. I believe if you put him on the defensive line he’d have been an All-Region defensive lineman. He’s [also] the most competitive kid I’ve ever seen in my life. [Kentucky’s coaches] don’t understand how fortunate they are yet [to get him], but they will.”
After narrowing his choices down to two schools, Adams chose the scholarship offer from Kentucky over one from Vanderbilt, where he was being recruited as a tight end. He said that the opportunity to play wideout and the connection he established with Wildcats’ offensive coordinator Joker Phillips helped sway his decision.
“Coach Phillips [was] the first person to come to my school and the first person to offer. [My family and I] have always said the first person to offer is going to be close to our hearts,” Adams said.
“I just felt like Kentucky was the better fit. I wanted to play wide receiver, and who knows, I might end up playing tight end at Kentucky as well, but I love the coaching staff there and I feel like they truly care about me and [about] making me a better player. I wanted to go to a program where I thought the coaches would be interested in developing me as a player and a student ... a place where I could maybe end up playing the NFL, but if I didn’t, I would have a good education to get a job and support a family.”
Adams’ desire has always been to attend college in the southeast, where a spot on an SEC squad is a dream come true.
“It means a lot to me,” he said. “I’ve wanted to do that all my life, to get to compete against teams like Georgia, Florida, LSU — big-time teams.”
And after years of putting pressure on himself to earn that opportunity, Adams said that spending recent weeks showcasing his talent and making his commitment has been a welcomed relief.
“I just decided that it was time to go show [my abilities] and put it in God’s control and see what happens,” Adams said. “God has blessed me with so much and I really appreciate everything.”