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Motocross: Ryder Holland qualifies for national championship race
(Photo courtesy of Mike Shaw)
(Photo courtesy of Mike Shaw)

At one point, Ryder Holland's father asked him if he was interested in riding dirt bikes, and as time went on, Holland became more and more enamored with it.

Holland was not very fond of team sports, he preferred individual sports, and dirt racing was a sport the 17-year-old Forsyth County resident felt like he could be great at.

He's done pretty well for himself, thus far.

Holland recently qualified for the national championship motocross race at Loretta Lynn’s ranch in Tennessee. Holland was stoked to realize he was one of the 42 fastest amateur motocross racers in his class in the world.

“It’s pretty cool," he said. "I think it’s awesome.”

There are three Honda 250 dirt bikes that Holland owns, each used for a different purpose. Besides his practice Honda 250, he has a stock 250 which is dedicated to the stock class, as well as a mod 250 that is exclusively used for the mod class.

Practice days for Holland involve waking up at 6:30 a.m., eating breakfast, going to the gym, and then driving to the training track or getting his bike work done.

A lot of Holland's recent progress was attributed to the cross-country team he joined this year at East Forsyth. By improving his fitness and endurance, the rising junior is able to set himself apart from his motocross competition.