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Football: Brothers Carson, Camden Leak adding to family legacy at Central
Brothers Carson Leak and Camden Leak are competing for the team lead in tackles this year. Camden Leak currently has 80 total tackles, while Carson Leak has 75 total tackles. - photo by Noah Rubin

The Leak name isn't new to Forsyth Central.

While Carson and Camden are making a name for themselves right now, their older brother, Jackson, already left his mark and their father, Chris Leak, coaches the defensive line.

Jackson, who is now playing at Colgate University in New York, didn’t just impact the program, but also his younger brothers.

“When we were freshmen, he was a senior,” Camden said. “We saw what it had to be like to lead a football team ever since we were freshmen.”

Coming off an excellent junior season, they felt like their next step was to become the leaders in the locker room.

“I would say, personally, I’m more of a vocal leader,” Carson said. “I know sometimes I get on some people’s nerves because I’m telling them, ‘Hey, we've got to do this right, we've got to do that right.’ But like he said, you can't say something if you’re not going to do it. You've got to lead by example as well.”

Head coach David Rooney is grateful to have the Leak brothers' leadership in the program.

“They’re not boisterous,” Rooney said. “They’ll get the energy up, but they are definitely two people that leave you as coaches knowing that they’re going to do things right. They’re gonna set the example and hopefully bring others up along with them.”

Growing up, the Leak twins were always competing. Whether it was in sports, school, or video games, they were always trying to beat each other.

“We’re definitely supportive of each other,” Camden said. “But after every game, once you see that tackling chart, or going through Hudl and watching film, you’re like ‘Oh, I got you there, you got me there.’ It’s strange how close it ends up being.”

They emphasized that with their stats and grades being so similar all the time, they prove they are truly identical twins.

So far this season, Camden leads the team with 80 tackles, with Carson right behind with 75 tackles.

“I think Camden came into this season with a little bit of a chip on his shoulder,” said Carson, who does own the edge in tackles for loss with five to Camden's one. “Last year I had him. This year, I think he came in with a chip on his shoulder to try and top me this year, which he’s been doing so far.”

“We’ve always been Jackson’s little brothers. Now we’re Leaks. I feel like last year and this year, we’ve come into our own and made a name for ourselves.”
Forsyth Central senior Carson Leak

Sports takes up a majority of their team, which doesn’t allow them much spare time, but gives them plenty of opportunities to compete.

“Sports is all we know,” Camden said. “We’re three-sport varsity athletes. Football, basketball, lacrosse. Outside that, we go to church, video games, work. There’s not much you can do when you’re doing sports all the time.”

“Pretty much just sports and school, but that’s how we like it,” Carson said. “I wouldn’t change anything about it. You don’t get much free time, but I know next summer, it’s gone. Might as well do it now.”

While they are definitely competitive, Rooney added that they’re also high-character kids that are very coachable.

“They are two awesome young men,” Rooney said. “They communicate well and treat others right and work hard in everything they do. It’s been a pleasure being a part of their four-year career. Coming here three years ago, I got to see them kind of grow up through the last four years.”

Along with their brother’s impact on them, their dad has also been a big influence in their lives.


“He’s also a teacher here at Central,” Carson said. “He’s always been our coach and teacher. Jackson too. He showed us how to play on the field, because he was always a beast on the field. Both of them football-wise, but especially Dad as a role model.”

The two have grown closer to Jackson as they've gotten older.

“He used to be a little bit mean to us,” Camden said. “He was always 6-foot-4 giant. We’ve started to fill our bodies out a little bit, but we used to be pretty small. When high school came around, he started to respect us a little bit. Seeing how we were growing in our sports and we were growing as people, we were actually kind of close.”

Now, when Jackson comes home from college, the brothers have continued to grow closer and closer.

When the twins first stepped onto the practice field as freshmen, there were added expectations that came with the last name Leak. Their brother helped guide Central to the state playoffs his senior year, which is something Carson and Camden are hoping to do this year.

“We’ve always been Jackson’s little brothers,” Carson said. “Now we’re Leaks. I feel like last year and this year, we’ve come into our own and made a name for ourselves.”

Rooney has enjoyed seeing how they’ve grown over their careers at Central.

“If you saw them four years ago, they were like most freshmen,” Rooney said. “Just little, scrawny athletes. But they worked really hard, and they still work really hard through all three sports that they do to develop into two of our best players, especially defensively.”

With only three games left in their final regular season, Carson and Camden are going to continue to work hard and add to the legacy that their brother and dad have already left at the school.

“You’ve got Coach Leak, Jackson Leak, Carson Leak, and Camden Leak,” Camden said. “I feel like we’ve made our name a staple in Forsyth Central history. They’ll remember us for a while.”