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WRESTLER OF THE YEAR: Matthew Sheetz, Lambert
Longhorns junior returned to elite status
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Lambert junior Matthew Sheetz is the 2014-15 Forsyth County News' County Wrestler of the Year. - photo by Micah Green

There’s a chance we haven’t seen the best out of Lambert junior wrestler Matthew Sheetz.

What a thought for opponents.

He managed a 55-3 season, a second straight appearance in the state finals at the GHSA Traditional State Wrestling Tournament, county championship, area championship, all that stuff.

And the 2014-15 Forsyth County News’ Wrestler of the Year did it all more than 15 pounds below his normal weight as he wrestled most of the season at 120 before cutting down to 113 for the big events.

Since Sheetz lost to North Gwinnett’s Todd Smalls in the state finals in February, he’s been wrestling at 135 pounds. He hopes to wrestle at 132 for most of next season before cutting to 126 and take one last shot at that elusive state title.

Question: How would you describe your season?

Sheetz: “I thought I had a really good season. The losses were to really good kids, so I’m not upset with the losses. Obviously, I’m upset with the last one, because I know I could’ve had that. But what can you do?”

Q: What was the highlight of the season for you?

Sheetz: “Definitely being in the finals. But then again, I beat the kid who beat me last year [in the state finals], Andrew Burpee. That was really good. That pretty much set the pace for my whole state run.”

Q: What was the biggest challenge?

Sheetz: “Probably those last three weeks. I was losing a lot of weight already to make 120, and then trying to make 113 was even harder. I still don’t even know how I did it.”

Q: How do you think you were able to do it?

Sheetz: “I had to completely cut out everything bad out of my diet. I wasn’t doing that completely when I was dropping down to 120. I was having it where I could just eat a little bit of what I wanted to do, but then it’d be where I had to lose seven pounds in a practice. It wasn’t fun. So then I just started being smarter with what I was eating, and I’d practice a little bit more just to get a sweat going.”

Q: Does any wrestler find cutting weight easy?

Sheetz: “Everybody who cuts weight would agree with me that it’s the worst thing. But then again there are the kids who still have success when they don’t cut weight. I definitely think that’s what I can do. I just [cut weight] this year to wrestle Burpee. I beat that goal. I just got to get the state championship.”

Q: What do you think your senior season could be like?

Sheetz: “I definitely think the two [state final] losses, definitely last year’s, will give me a little bit more motivation to work harder. I’m already training again. I can see with eating and being back to my normal weight, I’m wrestling even better than I was when I was wrestling in the finals. So I feel a lot better at this weight. So I feel maybe next season, if I’m wrestling whatever I [normally] weigh, I’ll wrestle my best I’ve ever wrestled. I think that will be fun.”