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2014 Forsyth County News All-County Vollleyball Team
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Forsyth County News


Player of the Year: Taylor Svehla, South Forsyth

Coach of the Year: Kelly Wren, South Forsyth

First Team

Name, School, Position, Year

Taylor Ashcraft, West Forsyth, OH, Jr.
313 kills, 292 digs, 83 aces, 6-AAAAAA Defensive Player of the Year

Keely Denkman, Pinecrest Academy, OH, Sr.
257 kills, 222 digs, 60 aces, Belmont Abbey signee

Jordyn Moellering, Lambert, L, Soph.
550 digs, 37 kills, 27 aces, All-Region 6-AAAAAA first team

Amanda Nugent, South Forsyth, OH, Soph.
352 kills, 28 blocks, All-Region 6-AAAAAA second team

Carlee Praznik, North Forsyth, L, Sr.
331 digs, 31 aces, All-Region 6-AAAAAA first team

Taylor Svehla, South Forsyth, OH, Sr.
593 kills, 169 digs, 90 blocks, 90 aces, 6-AAAAAA Player of the Year

Erin Yeatman, South Forsyth, DS, Soph.
534 digs, 44 aces, All-Region 6-AAAAAA first team

Second Team

Name, School, Position, Year

Kendall Bennett, Lambert, S, Soph.
61 aces, 60 kills, 68 blocks, 147 digs, All-Region 6-AAAAAA second team

Savian Jordan, South Forsyth, OH, Soph.
244 digs, 125 kills, 60 aces

Chloe Lance, West Forsyth, OH, Soph.
282 kills, 120 digs, 35 aces, All-Region 6-AAAAAA second team

Shelby Lance, West Forsyth, MH, Sr.
248 kills, 87 blocks, 36 aces, 20 digs, All-Region 6-AAAAAA second team

Jordan Leitch, West Forsyth, S, Jr.
806 assists, 96 digs, 72 aces, 53 kills

Okwunne Obgobu, North Forsyth, OH, Sr.
129 kills, 63 blocks, 47 aces, USC-Aiken signee

Liepa Vaicekaviviute, Forsyth Central, S, Sr.
Returned from ACL injury to be All-Region 7-AAAAA selection

Honorable Mention

Ashley Cruise, Lambert, OH, Fr.
Kaitlyn Loesel, Horizon Christian, MH, Sr.
Shea McNamara, South Forsyth, MH, Soph.
Amber Waddell, Forsyth Central, DS, Sr.
Gabby Wesemeyer, Pinecrest Academy, OH, Sr.