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Josh Whedbee
West Forsyth senior Josh Whedbee approaches the finish line Nov. 2 during the Class 7A boys cross country state meet. - photo by David Almeda

Boys Runner of the Year

Brennan Bower, South Forsyth

Top area finisher at state meet and area meet. Shaved more than 40 seconds off of last year's time at state to finish sixth.

Girls Runner of the Year

Madelynne Cadeau, South Forsyth

Furman commit dominated in the state and area meets, winning the Class 7A state championship by nearly 30 seconds.

Coach of the Year

Christine Shaw, South Forsyth 

Coached South Forsyth to a pair of top-five finishes at the state meet (girls 2nd, boys 5th) in first year as head coach.

Boys first team

Brennan Bower, South Forsyth

Finished sixth at state (16:19), first at area meet (15:42)

Cooper Bocko, Lambert

Finished eighth at state (16:25), third at area meet (15:56)

Josh Whedbee, West Forsyth

Finished ninth at state (16:35), fifth at area meet (16:00)

Reece Cato, West Forsyth

Finished 13th at state (16:41), seventh at area meet (16:04)

Colin Chapman, Lambert

Finished 16th at state (16:48), 14th at area meet (16:25)

Ethan Ashley, Denmark

Finished fourth at state (16:52), second at area meet (16:21)

Caleb Hall, North Forsyth

Finished 22nd at state (17:00), sixth at area meet (16:01)

Boys second team

Tyler Doty, West Forsyth

Finished 19th at state (16:55), 12th at area meet (16:20)

Garrett Holt, Lambert

Finished 27th at state (17:05), 13th at area meet (16:22)

Nate Verska, South Forsyth

Finished 21st at state (16:57), 16th at area meet (16:27)

Adam Nicholason, Lambert

Finished 28th at state (17:05), 26th at area meet (16:42)

Michael Patterson, South Forsyth

Finished 38th at state (17:13), 10th at area meet (16:10)

Lucas Bekele, Lambert

Finished 40th at state (17:14), 23rd at area meet (16:40)

Karthik Kochuparambil, Denmark

Finished 13th at state (17:17), first at area meet (16:20)

Girls first team

Madelynne Cadeau, South Forsyth

Finished first at state (18:46), first at area meet (17:52)

Sophia Baker, South Forsyth

Finished eighth at state (19:39), fourth at area meet (18:57)

Ashley Hannigan, West Forsyth

Finished seventh at state (19:34), eighth at area meet (19:13)

Carmel Yonas, South Forsyth

Finished 11th at state (19:53), sixth at area meet (19:05)

Emma O'Connor, South Forsyth

Finished 15th at state (20:11), 13th at area meet (19:31)

Izzy Ptacek, West Forsyth

Finished 20th at state (20:24)

Ava Krogman, West Forsyth

Finished 24th at state (20:29), 14th at area meet (19:33)

Girls second team

Emily Chapman, Lambert

Finished 25th at state (20:29), 11th at area meet (19:26)

Erika Guerrero, West Forsyth

Finished 26th at state (20:30), 15th at area meet (19:39)

Rachel Murray, West Forsyth

Finished 27th at state (20:32), 19th at area meet (19:46)

Caroline Harris, Lambert

Finished 54th at state (21:16), 24th at area meet (19:57)

Amanda Feeney, Lambert

Finished 56th at state (21:17), 25th at area meet (19:58)

Jessica Perriello, Denmark

Finished 31st at state (21:34), 17th at area meet (20:53)

Caroline Gaharan, Lambert

Finished 59th at state (21:18), 35th at area meet (20:22)