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Forsyth County football players and their Pokemon counterpart
L MChatelain Electrode

Sure, everyone has Pokemon on the mind right now. Over the weekend the hit digital, GPS-based role play game Pokemon Go! took the country’s attention and still has not let it go.

Here at the Forsyth County News we’re programmed in the game as a Pokestop, and we’ve taken the unexpected role to heart.

We also understand that many might need some insight to the Pokemon world that so many of us abandoned along with our adolescence years ago. So, for a refresher, the sports staff decided to assign a popular original Pokemon to an elite football player in the county.

Here’s the list we came up with:

Marcus Chatelain as Electrode

Electorde is a ball Pokemon that consumes fresh electricity, also is easily stimulated and can cause blackouts. It’s also often mistaken as a Poke ball.

Lambert’s Marcus Chatelain is one of the most electric players in the county. Whether he’s spelling running backs on offense or shutting down the grid in the defensive backfield, he’s an instant provider of energy when called upon. Opposing quarterbacks also often mistake him as a just a pretty good defensive back and take a chance on him, which they often regret.

Robert Bishop as Magnemite

Magnemite is a magnetic Pokemon that can defy gravity and disrupt electrical equipment. Deceptively invasive, though not incredibly aggressive.

Nobody was more of a ball magnet last season than North Forsyth defensive back Robert Bishop. Bishop was tied for the lead in the county with five interceptions, often sneaking into passing lanes with ease. He’s a quiet player that has a gift for reeling in the rock.

Ben Bresnahan as Onix

Onix is a giant, rocky Pokemon that can endure hard impacts with its solid frame. It’s also the longest Pokemon out of the original 150.

Bresnahan, a rising junior receiver/tight end at West Forsyth, looked more like a senior last season with his powerful build and ability to shed tacklers in the open field. He’s a tall, tough receiving target who stands out amongst the rest in the county.

Mac Redmond as Primeape

Primeape is a powerful, fighting Pokemon with a round body, is easily angered and chases just about anything. It also has lead bands around its arms and legs that make its impact even more intense.

Mac Redmond, Lambert’s hard-nosed fullback and linebacker, knows all about a good chase. He’s a hard-hitter on both sides of the ball and is relentless in ball pursuit.

Dylan Nissley, Jack Winkie, Jordan Nelson as Dugtrio

Diglets are ground Pokemon that burrow underground—Dugtrio is when three of them are combined together. Dugtrio tunnels under soil and can trigger earthquakes.

South Forsyth’s trio of offensive lineman are the key to paving the way for South’s ground game.

Brian Wright, Ken Dicks, Will Kohlins as Dodrio

Known as a triple bird Pokemon, Dodrio is a wingless, three-headed creature. Each head on Dodrio has its own personality but together can run long distances with ease.

Lambert’s running game is pretty much the epitome of running back-by-committee. Last season Wright, Dicks and Kohlins each had their moments and offer up different styles, but together they helped give Lambert the reputation as one of the toughest smashmouth teams in the state.

Simon Holcomb as Ditto

Ditto is an amorphous Pokemon that takes the shape and mimics other creatures.

Nobody fits that mold better than North Forsyth receiver, running back and occasional passer Simon Holcomb. Holcomb was a bright spot last season for the Raiders, showing the ability to catch passes over the middle like a slot receiver while also providing on the ground.

Eli Huggins as Arbok

Arbok, a giant serpent, is a territorial monster with the ability to crush opponents.

So, basically, Eli Huggins. The county’s returning sack leader is a nightmare to opponents. The Kansas State commit owns the line of scrimmage and can play at either defensive tackle or defensive end, so yes—the trenches are his territory, and he’s very much a monster.

Ryan McCarthy as Alakazam

A Psi Pokemon, Alakazam is an evolved creature with psychic abilities. In both hands it holds spoons that it uses to bend the abilities of opponents.

As the signal caller of Pinecrest’s triple option offense, McCarthy seemingly reads the mind of his opponents when knowing when the keep the ball, hand it off, or dish it to the edge.

Davis Shanley as Mewtwo

Mewtwo was a mystical Pokemon that was the rarest in the original series, only appearing on the first full-length Pokemon film.

South Forsyth quarterback Davis Shanley definitely put on a show last season, and his rare gifts as an elusive runner and gunslinger make him the most touted offensive player in Forsyth County. His escape from Colquitt County’s defense last year in the state quarterfinals was a thing of legend.