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We've created a football-playing monster for Halloween

Behold, the miserable monster whom we have created!

For weeks, the FCN sports staff has been in its secret laboratory, researching the best attributes in football players around Forsyth County with the plans to create the ultimate football creature to unleash on opponents this Halloween weekend!

Now, in a bold act of transparency, we reveal our secret formula for creating the perfect high school football player in Forsyth County:

Awareness: Davis Shanley, South Forsyth.

Trying to tackle Davis Shanley in the backfield is a lot like not tackling Davis Shanley in the backfield. What his teammates call ear holes, he calls eye holes.

Strength: Matthew Walters, Pinecrest Academy.

The 6-foot-3, 250-pound junior is a bowling ball to deal with as a fullback and a sledgehammer to handle as a defensive lineman.

Speed: Simon Holcomb, North Forsyth.

The first challenge is finding out where Simon Holcomb is before the snap. By the time you find him with your eyes, it’s because you’ve turned around and he’s behind you – scoring touchdowns. Don’t worry, it happens to everyone.

Acceleration: Austin Reid, West Forsyth.

The senior wide receiver and sprinter on the Wolverines track and field team gets behind so many defensive backs because of a blistering first step.

Agility: Shaun Diebel, Forsyth Central.

The senior running back can turn a simple screen pass into a touchdown. Or a mundane hand-off into a home run play. Or a kickoff return into a bonus score. Whatever the play, Diebel will find room.

Jumping: Jalen Camp, South Forsyth.

Camp grew up expecting to be a basketball player, but he translated those skills to football just fine. Defensive backs need a ladder to hang with Camp on jump balls.

Throwing: Kiernen Hamilton, West Forsyth.

The junior slinger has thrown for 256 yards per game with 27 touchdowns. There’s not a throw on the field he can’t make.

Blocking: Sean Bailey, Lambert.

The 6-foot-6, 320-pound Cincinnati commit is a pancake block waiting to happen. He leads the Longhorns with 64 so far this season.

Catching: Tanner Hall, Lambert.

Sometimes he uses just one hand. Sometimes he catches balls off defender’s helmets. Sometimes he catches balls on his back. It’s the conventional two-handed grabs that look strange when Hall does it.

Football IQ: Mitchell Ojeda, Pinecrest Academy.

He knows how to take a pitch on offense to the house. He knows how to take an interception on defense to the house. The senior can do it all.

Heart: Ronnie Chambliss, South Forsyth.

The senior receiver is 5-foot-6, 113 pounds, but still a focal point of South’s potent offense. The best receivers can stop on dimes, but rumor has it Chambliss can do it on a tack.

Leadership: Ryan McCarthy, Pinecrest Academy.

When the Paladins need a big play, they look to McCarthy. When we go to McCarthy for a quote, he talks more about his teammates.

Pursuit: Cameron Kline, South Forsyth.

When opposing quarterbacks see Kline coming toward them, they run – but they probably won’t get very far.

Kicking: Alex Barbir, South Forsyth.

The senior Rutgers commitment is out to be a different kind of kicker. Indeed, how many kickers can make a 50-yard field goal and run for a fourth-down conversion on a fake punt?

Intensity: Clint Hall, West Forsyth.

He has a full arsenal of sack celebrations and made victory tears cooler than cool. Not the biggest man on the field, but by far the scariest.

Big hit: Curtis Roach, South Forsyth.

His father was an All-American kicker, but the senior free safety is an All-County enforcer who makes wide receivers think twice about catching that pass over the middle.

Coverage: Marcus Chatelain, Lambert.

Marcus Chatelain is so good at defense that his coaches barely let him play offense, where he’s also really good. There’s Revis Island, but here in Forsyth County we have “Chate-land.”