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Basketball: South Forsyth picks up pivotal win over rival Lambert
Ethan Underwood
South Forsyth sophomore Ethan Underwood shoots the ball Tuesday during a 57-43 win against Lambert. Photo courtesy Jay Rooney Photography

By Josh Holland

For the Forsyth County News

Lambert started the game with eight consecutive points, forcing South to take an early timeout. 

It wasn’t until the second quarter where South outscored Lambert 18-6 that they took the lead and never looked back. 

The War Eagles won 57-43 on Tuesday night to open up region play with a win over their rivals. 

Lambert’s Luke Champion had two early 3-pointers to get them off to a quick start, but once South settled into the game, they were able to match the Longhorns' intensity. 

Back-to-back threes in the second quarter gave them the lead as Lambert struggled to score. South was able to take a nine-point lead into the locker room at the half. 

In the third quarter, both teams struggled offensively but South was able to stay ahead by a safe margin of nine points. 

Brandon Stoudamire
Lambert junior Brandon Stoudamire, right, dribbles the ball Tuesday during the Longhorns' 57-43 loss to South Forsyth. Photo courtesy Jay Rooney
Lambert opened the fourth quarter with a full-court press that South’s guards navigated easily off the dribble and over the top, scoring several open layups. 

After the game, South Forsyth head coach Scott Givens praised his guard’s performance.

“We got good guards," he said. "We got more experienced guards. It’s a guards game. You have to have good guards to be successful. It doesn’t matter how good your bigs are, guards get you to the clubhouse, especially against teams that press and trap.

“I don’t know if anyone plays harder than Kohl Harris and Nate Hammond.”

With four minutes to go in the game, South began to run out the clock, forcing Lambert to come out of their shell and extend its defense. This left forwards such as Devin McGlockton alone under the basket for easy points. 

Devin McGlockton
South Forsyth junior Devin McGlockton dunks the ball earlier this season during the War Eagles' 57-43 win against Lambert. Photo courtesy Jay Rooney
Coach Givens also praised McGlockton for his presence and importance on the defensive end as he finished the game with five blocks. 

“When you got somebody back there who can protect the rim, you don’t have to block every shot, but if they can alter it, and it’s in the mind of the offensive player so they may short-arm it, they may throw a forced, rushed shot up there,” Givens said. 

This defensive display from South left Lambert head coach Scott Bracco visibly frustrated following the game as he emphasized how fundamental his team’s problems are. 

“We just gotta finish better. Forty-three points is unacceptable. We’re having a hard time putting the ball in the hole. If you want to win basketball games, the goal is to put the ball in the basket.”

South is now 8-3 on the season while Lambert slides to 6-5.