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Columnist Julianne Boling
Life is blessed, despite the news
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Forsyth County News
Is the daily news depressing or what? Do you blink your eyes at the cost of gas changing at service stations? If you are blinking, you’ll miss several changes on the signs. Are stores ready for schools starting? You bet! The aisles are now filled with a multitude of choices and many more kids and parents.

Have you noticed the amount of money generated by the movies this summer? Four movies have grossed more than $900 million this summer. As the man of the house replied to this statement, “People go to movies during hard times. Remember how movies were during the war?” I answered, “No, not really. I was only an innocent child in those days.”

Can you believe the media coverage of the divorces and childbirths of the celebrities? No one has published the amount paid for the Brad and Angelina twins. I thought the twin sisters who had the triplets should bring a higher price. Even the woman-man who had a baby could sell a baby picture for top dollar.

Then there is the hype about the “open mouth and put foot in” tactics of talk show hosts the past few months.

Of course, Imus has always used outrageous remarks, racial slurs and innuendoes to keep his ratings up. Then Robert Savage uses shocking comments to entertain and keep people listening. However, he has gone too far when he says “99 percent of Autistic children are just brats.”

Is it OK to make statements and just say, “I’m sorry,” and the impact of the words just fade away? I don’t think so! Of course, don’t get emotional on the View and do not plan to go to some of the talk shows unless you want to fight and scream at the others on the show. Can you believe the violence or the ratings for these programs? If you watch the court shows, you can see the ridiculous happening right before your eyes.

Locally, we have all been aware there has been an election and many signs are still along the roadways. The losers are moaning and making their usual absurd comments. Those in a runoff are still campaigning and we must remember to go vote again. The people with too much to say about anything going on in the county are a part of the 87 percent who did not vote.

If I had more time and space I could really complain about the world in which we live.

However, I got up this morning, as a friend said, “above the dirt,” didn’t listen to the news or read the paper, and got ready for church. Makes for a blessed and beautiful day, wouldn’t you agree?

Cumming resident Julianne Boling’s column appears each Sunday.