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How The Place of Forsyth County helps families who need transportation
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Over the last year, The Place of Forsyth County has given away six used vehicles to local residents as part of the group’s mission to help at risk families become self-sustaining. 

According to a press release, since initiating its workforce development program in 2015, The Place has learned that a major roadblock to independence for some families was a lack of reliable transportation.  

“The Place has been able to give food to our clients, provide utility and housing assistance, and assist nearly 400 individuals find work,” Joni Smith, president of The Place, said in the release. “But without public transportation, getting them to jobs, appointments, and other necessary business, has become an unsurmountable barrier for some of our clients.” 

To combat this issue, The Place began a program where used vehicles could be donated members of the community and “re-gifted” to local families in need. In September 2016, they received the first donated vehicle that would be gifted to a local woman and her family. 

“When asked what the vehicle meant to her [the woman] said she no longer had to ask, ‘How are we going to get our son to all of his doctor appointments?’” the release stated. 

In 2017 and 2018 The Place re-gifted six vehicles, the release states, and thus far in 2019, they have given away six more vehicles, most recently a 2009 Honda Odyssey minivan was re-gifted to a local single mother of three.

“[The van] is freedom. It’s being able to take my kids where they need to go,” the woman stated in the release.  “It’s giving me an opportunity to pursue my real estate license ... go to the grocery store ... it’s the little things.”

For this program to work, the release states that The Place collaborates with local groups like Forsyth Central High School’s Auto Tech classes, Corey’s Automotive and Main Source Collision, who help them get their clients out on the road. 

For more information on vehicle donations, please contact email