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iChallenge event hosted by Forsyth BYOT Benefit huge success for supplying devices and connectivity to students
Peggie and Dr. Jim Morrow of Morrow Family Medicine founded the Forsyth BYOT Benefit to help students in need by supplying technological devices and connectivity throughout the county. - photo by For the FCN

Jim and Peggie Morrow have made it one of their goals to spread technology to children throughout all of Forsyth County. Typically, the Morrows host the iRun in the fall to fundraise for Forsyth BYOT, or Bring Your Own Technology, Benefit. 

This year, they decided to hold the event online, changing the name to iChallenge and featuring a friendly competition between schools and children that involved the whole family.

iChallenge was held throughout the entire month of October, and it received positive feedback from the community. Over 2,000 residents signed up for the program and the nonprofit raised almost $42,000.

Instead of a 5K run, iChallenge encouraged families and children to be active, in whatever capacity available to them. Families could play a 20-minute game of Twister, brothers could wrestle in the backyard and a mother could push her baby in a stroller. All counted towards total minutes of activity.

“That was what we were encouraging — family health and activities and doing things together rather than sitting down, watching TV and staying in the house,” Peggie Morrow said.

There were winners for iChallenge; a winner for each high school, middle school and elementary school in the county. The students all received gift baskets to reward hard work. Prizes were also awarded to the adults in each school that pumped people up for the event. An overall winner was chosen based on the highest minutes of activity recorded.

Peggie Morrow said she was grateful for the amount of integrity the participants showed, and how dedicated they were to participate.

Forsyth County Schools Superintendent Dr. Jeff Bearden expressed his gratitude towards those who participated or were involved in the recent BOE meeting on Dec. 15.

“And of course, we have to thank Dr. Jim and Peggy Morrow. This is the seventh year they’ve done this [fundraiser]. We’re right at $400,000 over those seven years,” Bearden said. “This was their idea. They started this my first year in Forsyth County Schools. They wanted to do something to give back to the community.” 

Peggie Morrow also expressed her gratitude towards the sponsors and FCS, for helping her and her husband raise money to provide tech devices and connectivity to the students of Forsyth County.

“We had some great sponsors. We’re so fortunate to have such great sponsors that have stuck with us through the years,” she said. “And we are just so tickled that [FCS] has allowed us to help them over the last seven years.”

Some of the returning sponsors include Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, Forsyth Foot & Ankle Associates and Northside Hospital Forsyth.

Morrow said that Forsyth BYOT Benefit hopes to continue providing devices and connectivity to students in the county through the different fundraisers and events during the year and are hoping to bring back the iChallenge in the future.

“We’ve found that this particular iChallenge was just a lot of fun,” she said. “People posted pictures on Facebook of families doing things together, and that was so fun to see.”

Sabrina Kerns contributed to this report.