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65 mph speed limit restored on Ga. 400 in Forsyth County

FORSYTH COUNTY — Motorists on either side of Ga. 400 in Forsyth County may have been confused last week as speed limit and work zone signs began to be taped over in black trash bags. There is, however, an explanation to the cover-up.

According to Teri Pope, a spokeswoman with the state Department of Transportation, the speed limit has been returned to 65 mph along the entire Forsyth expanse, except for at the Big Creek Bridge on the county’s south end.

“The contractor will not work again until early January on most of the project,” said Pope as a reason behind the uptick in speed limit. The pause in work was initiated because of the holidays.

The construction zone lowered the speed along the heavily traveled route, which many Forsyth commuters use, to 55 mph while the project works add an extra lane on each side of the corridor.

The project stretches from the Fulton/Forsyth county line through Hwy. 369, which will be converted into Exit 18.

Now, everything north of Exit 13 has temporarily returned to a 65 mph limit.

“Once work resumes,” Pope said, “the speed limit will be lowered again.”