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About half of Forsyth voters turn out in advance

Advance voting has finished in Forsyth County, and it looks like many voters weren’t waiting around for Election Day.

As of the close of polls on Friday, 24,992 voters in Forsyth County cast ballots this week, bringing the three-week total to 69,060. Barbara Luth, the county’s supervisor of voter registrations and elections, said she was happy with the turnout.

“It’s gone really good,” Luth said. “[We have a] little more than 119,000 active voters, that would mean we’ve already done over 50 percent of that.”

There are more than 138,000 active and inactive voters, or those who have not participated in elections for at least two general elections.

On Saturday, Oct. 29, the county held the only weekend day of voting, which Luth said was a success.

“Saturday voting went extremely smoothly, and it kept pretty steady all day,” she said. “It wasn’t overpowering, so [voters] were able to handle it and the poll workers did wonderful.”

Advance voting was held at the Forsyth County administration building, Cumming City Hall, Hampton Park Library and the community buildings of Sharon Springs and Midway parks.

For all three weeks, Sharon Springs was the most popular destination and 8,585 voted there this week. In the first two weeks the location had 5,397 and 8,986 voters, respectively.

Luth said the location of the poll made it popular.

“They always are [the busiest],” she said. “It’s a highly populated area down there with the Suwanee and Johns Creek in that area, and anybody that is coming in and out of the county going and coming into work will stop there.”

Overall, Luth said advance voting went as well as it could have and that there were few issues.

“We’ve not had any more than 10-15 minute waits. We [had] a little bit more at Sharon Springs, but nothing that anyone has complained about,” Luth said. “In fact, we’ve had people call and compliment us on how well our voting has gone. I’m thrilled with the numbers we have out there.”