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Bills target DOT terms
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Forsyth County News
Members of Georgia’s transportation board could serve much shorter terms as part of a plan introduced by state Rep. Mark Hamilton.

The proposal from Hamilton, a Cumming Republican who represents District 23, would cut terms for the 13-member board from five to two years.

“I just reached a point where I felt like some — not all, but some — of the DOT members didn’t seem to get it, and it was starting to frustrate some of us,” Hamilton said Wednesday.

Because it is a constitutional amendment, Georgia voters would have to approve the change, even if it clears the House and Senate.  

Hamilton said he wasn’t targeting any board member in particular.

“We have new leadership in the House and the new leadership wants to work with the DOT board, just as the Senate wants to work with them,” he said.

Hamilton said there aren’t concerns of having a lack of experience on the board as a result of the shorter terms.

“Just as legislators, if you’re doing a good job, you are re-elected,” he said. “We as legislators are on two-year terms and if we’re the ones that
elect them, that probably makes sense.”

The bills, known as HB 1446 and HB 1234, are subject to change.

If approved by the legislature and voters on the November ballot, the new DOT board terms would take effect Jan. 1, 2011.

As it stands, all current terms would expire Dec. 31 and board members would be elected to new, two-year terms in January.