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Center marks 100th birth
About 1,900 more expected in months ahead
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Forsyth County News

Friday afternoon, Kam and Brian Smith said hello to daughter Ramsey for the first time.

For the Northside Hospital-Forsyth Women's Center, it was the 100th time welcoming a baby since its Aug. 6 opening.

"Our patient volumes are growing much faster than anticipated and we are very excited about this milestone," said Melissa Sugg, hospital manager of women's services.

The hospital expects to deliver 2,000 babies in the first year of the center. Though 100 have been born in the first five weeks, there are currently just three doctors delivering there.

As more physicians start using the women's center, the number of deliveries should increase.

The Smiths, who live in Dawsonville, were just glad their doctor, Garry Siegel, was one of the three using the new facility.

"It was a wonderful experience," Kam Smith said.

"You could really tell that they concentrate on just making you feel very comfortable and very safe. They were great from the moment I walked in the door ... to the minute you walk out."

Ramsey Smith, who was born weighing 7 pounds, 15 ounces, has two older siblings, 4-year-old sister Blake and 7-year-old brother Wyatt.

Both Wyatt and Blake Smith were born at North Fulton Regional Hospital. Their mother didn't want to compare the facilities, but said she would recommend Northside's new Women's Center.

"I didn't really know what to expect, because I'd never been to a Northside Hospital," Kam Smith said. "When I took the tour and talked to them, everyone was so great. I knew I was going to go there."

Smith spent three days in the new center. Her labor was induced and she did not know until after delivery that hers would be the 100th baby.

"As soon as I had her, the nurses that helped me deliver and had taken care of me came back in the room and said, 'You're the 100th baby,'" she said.

"They gave her $100, they gave her 100 days of diapers and they gave her a little rocking horse with some different little things. They really smothered her with gifts."