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Domestic violence focus of seminar
Signs of abuse often surface in workplace
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Forsyth County News

Those who plan on attending Wednesday’s class about domestic violence can e-mail Forsyth County Sheriff’s Deputy Pete Sabella at
Dianna Lambert hopes an upcoming class will show employers and managers ways to handle and detect signs of abuse in their employees.

The Forsyth County Domestic Violence Fatality Review Board has joined forces with the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office to conduct a seminar to inform business leaders about signs in the workplace of domestic violence.

The free event is scheduled from 10 to 11 a.m. Wednesday at the sheriff’s south precinct on Ronald Reagan Boulevard.

Lambert, a former victim’s advocate for the sheriff’s office, said the board came up with the idea for the seminar following a case study involving a woman who died as a result of domestic violence.

She said those who conducted the study were unable to speak with the woman’s employer to determine whether she had showed signs of abuse while at work.

The board discussed the issue at a community meeting last year.

“Through that community meeting it was suggested, ‘Hey, let’s get more awareness to people such as business owners,’” she said. “Just getting more awareness out there so they realize there are resources in our community to help out.”

Sheriff’s Deputy Pete Sabella said this is the first time the seminar has been offered.  

“Basically, the idea of the class is to help people understand how domestic violence impacts the workplace, both from an employer’s standpoint and from an employee’s standpoint, to give them the information on how to identify the possible signs and indicators of someone that’s being victimized,” Sabella said.

“When people think about being victimized they think sometimes more of the physical signs, but a lot of times they don’t always see the emotional signs.”

Sabella said those who attend will also learn how to help an employee who is in an abusive situation.