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Forsyth County Board of Education nominates FCN for state award

The Forsyth County News has been nominated by the Forsyth County Board of Education for a state award that recognizes coverage of public education.

The Georgia School Boards Association’s Beacon Award “recognizes print and electronic media representatives or organizations whose coverage over time has created understanding of public education issues by informing the general public about programs, policies and/or issues affecting the public schools, students, and/or communities,” according to the agency’s website.

Forsyth County Schools Superintendent Jeff Bearden recommended the nomination, which was approved unanimously, citing FCN’s balanced coverage of both positive and negative education issues and events.

“They’re doing a lot with us in spotlighting our schools, as well as helping us with programs such as the video they made for the state of the schools, and they’re just such a tremendous partner,” Bearden said.

“It’s nice that they report the good and the bad,” said Chairwoman Darla Light, who represents District 4. “They do a good job of bringing out some of the great things we have going on; I really appreciate that.”

“The good and the bad in a very fair way,” Bearden added. “But very supportive of our school system.”

Partnerships cited in the nomination form include products such as the annual State of the Schools magazine, welcome videos for each of the 37 schools in the district and this year’s 2015-16 District Highlights video that was presented at the State of the County event.

Other coverage reasoned in the nomination included Studio Forsyth segments and two new print series, When I Grow Up and Scholastic Student Spotlight, which feature elementary and high school students, respectively.

“The public education Forsyth County Schools gives its students is one of the main reasons people move here, and we have a focus in the newsroom to highlight that while also objectively covering any situation that may come up,” said Kayla Robins, editor. “I think we’ve found a good balance between reporting news in education and partnering with the school system to feature students and faculty, especially through our video department,” she added. “We’re honored Superintendent Bearden and the Board of Education nominated us for this award.”