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Local business initiative extended for 2014
Provides firms opportunities with county
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Local companies will continue to have an advantage in working with Forsyth County government this year.

The county commission recently voted to extend the local business initiative before its end-of-year expiration.

The initiative offers a 5 percent credit to qualified local businesses on applicable county solicitations or bids of less than $500,000.

Donna Kukarola, procurement director, said in a statement that the goal of the program is to “provide more opportunities for local companies to conduct business with the county government.”

“There are opportunities for all types of businesses to work with the county government, as we purchase a wide variety of materials, equipment and services,” she said.

The initiative also aims to help the local economy and employment by supporting the businesses.

The program was put in place in April 2009 and has since been renewed at the end of each year.

A report provided to commissioners at a Dec. 10 work session showed that 10 transactions were affected by the initiative in 2013, which meant a local business earned the work due to the 5-percent credit.

The additional expense incurred by the county due to those awards was about $3,800, according to the report.

About 1,214 county transactions were eligible for the local business initiative. Of those, county companies responded to 138.

The initiative requires that the business have a principal office in Forsyth County, at least one-third of employees living in the county and have a banking relationship with a county branch, among other factors.

The program doesn’t apply in cases of public works or transportation projects, as well as emergency situations, noncompetitive solicitations or other scenarios.

Though the initiative has benefitted just a few businesses, Kukarola told commissioners on Dec. 10 that local companies “really like it.”

She said the vendors must submit a local business initiative affidavit for every solicitation or bid for which they are applying.