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McDonalds in west Forsyth fails health inspection, “mildew-like” substance on drink machine found
McDonalds located at 4890 Post Road in Cumming.

CUMMING - A west Forsyth McDonalds recently failed its food inspection after health officials found raw meat patties were not fully cooked and a “mildew like substance” on soda machine nozzles.

On Oct. 21, health officials gave the restaurant, located at 4890 Post Road in Cumming, a score of 64, which translates to a grade of “unsatisfactory.”

Previous inspections gave the location a grade of “A.”

In addition to the undercooked meat and mildew substance on the drink machine, the inspection found “employees’ drinks were located on prep top and tables next to food in kitchen and an employee's cup was located in the hand sink,” according to the report.

“Foods that use time as a public health control were time stamped incorrectly or not time stamped at all,” the report added.

Further, employees who were prepping the food were not wearing proper hairnets or other hair restraints, the report said.

According to the Georgia Department of Health’s Environmental Health Section rules, if a food establishment maintains an “A” food safety rating for three consecutive routine inspections, health officials can, per their discretion, reduce the frequency of inspections to one time per year for Risk Type II establishments and to two times per year for Risk Type III establishments.

McDonalds is considered a Risk Type II inspection, and received “A” grades in February and June of 2014 and January and June of 2015.

However, “the reduced inspection frequency may continue until the food service establishment incurs a grade of a “B,” “C” or “U.” The routine inspection frequency will then resume to the number specified for Risk Type, but may be more frequent as deemed necessary for the enforcement of this Chapter by the Health Authority,” the rulebook says.

This was the restaurant’s first inspection in 2016.

Restaurants that fail their inspection are reinspected within 10 business days and subject to a $100 reinspection fee.

They must correct their errors or risk being shut down.

They are also subject to “at least one additional routine inspection added in a 12 month period,” the rules state.

A manager for the McDonalds refused to comment to the Forsyth County News, saying only “we have fixed it.”

The reinspection will take place sometime in the next week and a half.