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Networking group keeps members informed
Advisory Group meets for lunch
Networking WEB
From left, Pat Paxton, Sylvia Cardona Thomas Achilles and David Fountain talk about jobs. - photo by Autumn Vetter


A Forsyth County financial adviser has begun a new networking organization for local professionals.

David Fountain, who works at Investment Planning Advisors, said he and his fellow adviser at the business, Pat Paxton, wanted to do more to help their clients and other local business people.

“We see 500 or 600 clients who have a lot of needs,” Fountain said. “For example, someone may need a professional to help them with remodeling their home.

“Of course, that’s not what we do. But if we could know someone who does and then refer our customer to them, that helps both our customer and the other business person.”

So far the group, which has been dubbed simply the Advisory Group, has met four times.

Fountain said it has started off small, with just a couple of people attending the first meeting, but seems to be growing.

“We’ve grown by about 50 percent every time we’ve met, so that’s a pretty good growth pattern,” he said.

The group has gathered every other week at a different Forsyth restaurant for lunch.

Sylvia Cardona, director of Mentor Me North Georgia, has attended all the meetings.

She said she likes the close connections the small group can offer.

“There’s more time to get to know each other,” she said. “It’s more about conversation and supporting each other rather than seeing how many business leads you can get.”

Fountain said another part of the group is having talks about what’s going on throughout the business community.

For example, during a meeting Friday, the group discussed how the uncertain commercial and residential real estate markets have impacted the county.

“A big part of this [group] is to be clued in on all the trends and other things that are going on in the county,” Cardona said. “We want to know what’s going on in other areas besides each of our own.”

Fountain said the group is open to anyone who may be interested in participating, but he does hope to keep it to a relatively small number.

“A big part of this is developing deeper connections and really being able to help each other, so we don’t want it to grow to a point where it’s unmanageable,” he said.