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Price of stamps set to rise
Starting Sunday, letters will cost 49 cents to mail
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Forsyth County News

Saturday is the last chance to buy stamps before the U.S. Postal Service increases the rates.

Beginning Sunday, the price of a stamp for standard first-class mail will rise from 46 cents to 49 cents.

That marks the largest increase since 2002, when the rate rose from 34 cents to 37 cents.

With the exception of 2010 and ’11, the postal service has increased the price of stamps one or two cents annually since 2006.

Those hoping to save money can buy “Forever” stamps before Sunday for 46 cents each. The stamps can be used to send a standard first-class letter anywhere in the country, regardless of the price paid at the time.

According to the postal service, there also will be a 1-cent increase in the cost to send letters that weigh more than the standard one ounce. Effective Sunday, that price will be 21 cents.

Sending a postcard also will cost a penny more, with the price becoming 34 cents on Sunday.