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Telecom group honors lawmaker
State Rep. Mark Hamilton of Cumming, left, recently received the Broadband Leader Award from Michael Wall of Comcast, board chairman of the Cable Television Association of Georgia. - photo by For the Forsyth County News

Mark Hamilton, the District 23 Republican state representative from Cumming, recently received the Broadband Leader Award from the Cable Television Association of Georgia.

The award is given to policy-makers and leasers who promote a level playing field and competition in the telecommunications industry.

Hamilton was selected for the award because of his work on House Bill 855, which was written to limit phone subsidies paid by customers of larger phone companies to smaller telephone firms.

Stephen Loftin, the association’s executive director, said in a statement that Hamilton “understands how phone subsidies distort the marketplace and harm competition in rural Georgia where broadband deployment is needed most.”

Hamilton’s bill, which would have reduced and eventually eliminated subsidies given to smaller companies, did not pass this year. But the lawmaker has said he’ll continue to push the effort.

In a statement, Hamilton said he was “humbled to receive this recognition.”

“I look forward to continuing the fight for reducing taxes on hard-working Georgians and leveling the playing field in that industry by eliminating outdated subsidies that choose winners and losers,” he said.