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Campaign field set as qualifying ends
Primary scheduled for July 31
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Forsyth County News

By midafternoon, the chairman of the local Republican Party had posted the long list of candidates for the July 31 primary at the Forsyth County courthouse and government building.

“I’m excited about it,” Ethan Underwood said Friday, after election qualifying wrapped up. “I think we’ve got a lot of good choices.”

The qualifying period started at 9 a.m. Wednesday and wrapped up on noon Friday.

Contested local races include: county commission posts 2, 4 and 5; sheriff; coroner; chief magistrate; U.S. House Districts 7 and 9; District 27 state Senate; and state House Districts 9 and 26.

For county races, all the candidates are Republicans, with the exception of nonpartisan positions of chief magistrate and two state court judges.

Barbara Luth, the county's election supervisor, said it’s not unusual for the county positions to have no Democrats or just one or two in the running.

U.S. House Districts 7 and 9 each had one Democrat enter the race with two and three Republicans, respectively.

Luth said the county’s process of qualifying, which encompasses signing an affidavit and turning in necessary paperwork to a political party, went “smoothly” this year.

Though qualifying is usually open for one week at the end of April, Luth said the timeline changed this year due to redistricting as a result of the 2010 U.S. Census.

Those wishing to run as an independent can do so in June, following those requirements, which she said includes signatures from registered voters.

The primary is July 31, with an if-needed runoff set for Aug. 21. Voters must register by July 2 to be eligible.

The general election will be Nov. 6, and those wishing to vote in that must register by Oct. 9.

Forsyth posts will more than likely be decided in the primary, Underwood said, adding “unless somebody comes out as an independent.”

Most county candidates who qualified have already been campaigning, he said, with the exception of two on the final list.

Now, the local races are heating up.

“We’ve got a lot of folks working on their ground game,” he said. “They’re calling people. They’re going door to door. They’re trying to get people’s attention.

“You’ve got a lot of folks who are starting to pay attention because it’s getting close to the general election.”



Boxhed: At a glance

According to the Forsyth County Elections Office, the following people have qualified for the July 31 primary. Unless otherwise noted, all candidates are Republican or nonpartisan. Incumbents are noted with (I):


District 27 State Senate

* Jack Murphy (I)

* Steve Voshall


District 51 State Senate

* Steve Gooch (I)


District 22 State House

* Calvin Hill (I)


District 24 State House

* Mark Hamilton (I)


District 25 State House

* Mike Dudgeon (I)


District 26 State House

* Geoff Duncan

* Tom Knox


District 9 State House

* Clint Smith

* Kevin Tanner


State Court

* Philip Smith (I)


State Court

* Russell McClellan (I)


Chief Magistrate

* Walker Bramblett (I)

* Barbara Cole


District 3 Board of Education

* Tom Cleveland (I)


District 4 Board of Education

* Darla Sexton Light (I)

District 5 Board of Education

* Nancy Roche (I)


District 2 County Commission

* Dennis Brown

* Samuel Scott Padis

* Brian Tam (I)


District 4 County Commission

* Patrick Bell (I)

* Timothy L. Hubbard

* Charles H. Meagher

* Cindy J. Mills

* William “Bill” Mulrooney


District 5 County Commission

* Jim Boff (I)

* John Derucki



* Lauren McDonald III

* Ted Paxton (I)

* Duane K. Piper



* Harold L. Bennett

* Mark David Musselwhite

* Mary Beth Pais


Probate Judge

* Lynwood “Woody” Jordan (I)


Clerk of Court

* Greg Allen (I)


Tax Commissioner

* Matthew Ledbetter (I)


Solicitor General

* Leslie Abernathy (I)


District 7 U.S. House

* David Hancock

* Steve Reilly (Democrat)

* Rob Woodall (I)


District 9 U.S. House

* Doug Collins

* Jody Cooley (Democrat)

* Roger Fitzpatrick

* Martha Zoller