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Comedian from Forsyth County hosts Atlanta show on Thursday
New York-based Comedian Kat Belinfante, who grew up in Forsyth County, will host a homecoming edition of her comedy show "Too Much Hot Sauce" on Thursday in Atlanta.

Comedian Kat Belinfante is getting serious about making jokes.

Now a part of New York City’s comedy scene, Belinfante grew up in Forsyth County and said her hometown still makes it into her act.

“A lot of my jokes are about my family, growing up in the south and my mom, especially,” Belinfante said. “I get a lot of material from my mom and her little southernisms.”

Belinfante said her parents still live in Forsyth County and, when she’s home, she often gets asked when she is going to perform.

On Thursday, Belinfante will host a homecoming edition of her comedy show “Too Much Hot Sauce” starting at 8 p.m. at The Highland Inn Ballroom Lounge in Atlanta, where she shared the stage with several other comedians living in or originally from Georgia.

“I decided this winter since I was coming home and I’d only done one real bar show here, that I would produce ‘Too Much Hot Sauce’ in Atlanta,” she said. “I know a couple of comics that live in New York now that are from Georgia that I’d just bring on the show and make it a homecoming show.”

Belinfante first moved to Forsyth County when she was in fourth grade and she lived here until moving to Los Angeles to attend the University of Southern California.

“I always did theater. I always wanted to be an actor, so I would do all the plays in elementary school, middle school [and] high school,” she said. “I’ve always kind of leaned toward the comedic but in college it was more of a focus on dramatic acting,”

Though she had tried some improv after college, she decided to try her hand at stand-up when visiting New York.

“I went to New York to do another acting program,” “Belinfante said. “While I was there, I had been dating a stand-up comedian, and I thought, ‘Well, I’ll give this a try just for fun,’ and I did an open mic because I wasn’t living there at the time and I figured I had nothing to lose, and I just loved it.”

Six weeks later, she moved to New York and has now been doing stand-up for more than two years.

After some time doing open mics, Belinfante began appearing on shows put together by other comedians and then producing “Too Much Hot Sauce” in Greenwich Village.

“I book all the comedians,” she said. “I’ll host the show or do a longer set as the headliner at the end.”

Though her career has taken her across the country, Belinfante said she still talks about her hometown in her act and there are some things in Cumming that can’t be replicated in other places.

“I’m just really excited to bring the show here,” Belinfante said.  “I open the show with a joke about being from Cumming, Georgia, and my favorite thing to do here was the Cumming Fair. I say every year that I’m going to fly back to the Cumming Fair because it is so fun. I don’t know if other people in other states without those big fairs understand how fun they are, but that was definitely my favorite part of growing up here.”

The Highland Inn is located at 644 North Highland Avenue NE in Atlanta. Tickets to the show are available online at