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Car goes airborne, crashes on Sanders Road
Saturn Aura lands between barricades closing damaged road
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Forsyth County News

Deputies are looking for at least two people who were believed to be in a Saturn Aura that crashed on Sanders Road sometime after 6 P.M. on Wednesday.  

When they arrived, deputies found the Saturn sitting between two large dirt piles that were used to create a physical barrier over a section of roadway that officials fear had been damaged by recent heavy rains. Pieces of the car mark a trail back to the point where the driver passed a barricade and knocked over an orange barrel before hitting the dirt pile.

The Saturn was airborne for about 30 feet before it crashed down to the pavement and stopped just before rolling into the creek beside the road.   about a third of the dirt pile that had been blocking the northbound lane of Sanders Road had been scattered into the middle of the roadway, along with several parts from underneath the car.

A motorcycle rider who came upon the wreck said that he encountered someone who told him they'd had wreck, but that the person walked away before deputies arrived.   

Deputies are searching for the occupants, and are investigating whether drugs or alcohol may have played a part in the crash.