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Knife suspect from Lake Lanier resort appears in court
Nicholas Ryan Brand

BUFORD — Three Lanier Islands Resort security officers responded to reports of a man walking around with a knife, according to a Hall County Sheriff’s Office deputy’s testimony Monday.

Deputy Mark Mason testified at the committal hearing for Nicholas Ryan Brand, 19, who was accused of holding a knife in a threatening manner to the security officers on May 24.

“They had initial reports from people that he was walking around with a knife in his hand,” Mason said.

The three security guards, Mason said, wore matching polos with Lanier Islands insignia and attempted to approach Brand. Brand then allegedly fled, the deputy said.

“They followed — not pursuing — but followed to keep an eye on him. Apparently, they made contact with him again when he brandished the knife on them,” Mason said.

One of the security officers, according to his statement read by Mason, was told by Brand to “back the hell up.”

Mason arrived on the scene about 10 minutes after the call to the sheriff’s office was made. The deputy arrived in a marked car and assisted the security officers in taking Brand to the ground.

Brand suffered a sprained ankle, bruises and abrasions, Mason said.

Mason testified that when he arrived on the scene, Brand did not have a knife on him and that Mason’s investigation found that Brand allegedly ditched the knife into a wooded area.

“We recovered the knife that matched the sheath that he had in his possession,” Mason said.

Mason said the blade recovered was between 4 and 6 inches.

Brand was charged with aggravated assault and misdemeanor obstruction of an officer.

Brand’s public defender argued that there was not sufficient evidence to prove that he intended to harm the officers.

All charges were moved on to Superior Court.