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Officials: Armed robbery suspect hits again
Sheriff’s office trying to identify man who robbed Walgreens, CVS weeks apart
Armed Robbery

A man the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office has been trying to identify in connection with an armed robbery at Walgreens on Nov. 13 has struck again, officials said.

On Friday, Nov. 24 at 7:49 p.m., a white male walked into the CVS at 1230 Buford Hwy., and demanded money from the store’s clerk after opening his coat to show a gun, according to Cpl. Doug Rainwater, a spokesman for the sheriff’s office.

The clerk gave the suspect the money and he left thereafter, mirroring the scene of an armed robbery he allegedly committed at the Walgreens on Keith Bridge Road in Hammonds Crossing several weeks prior.

“The store clerk gave him [the money] and he walked right out the same door he walked in,” Rainwater said of the Walgreens robbery. “He didn’t go to the back where the pharmacy is; his [sole] focus was the cash register. We’re quite confident he got into a car in the parking lot because our patrol units got there quickly and didn’t see anyone walking in the area.”

Though the sheriff’s office does not have still photos of the man from the most recent robbery, CVS video surveillance indicates the suspect is the same person, Rainwater said.

“We do believe he is doing this on a regular basis, and it’s not just Forsyth,” he said. “He had a gun this time as well and used the same disguise – a fake mustache and a white wig under a baseball cap. Sometime between the Nov. 13 and Nov. 24 [Forsyth] robberies he also hit a similar-type place in Ringgold, Georgia.”

The suspect is described as a white male, 55 years of age or older who wears a white wig under a possible veteran’s cap.

Deputies investigated the scene and have taken to social media in attempts to identify the man, posting a photo from the first robbery on their Facebook page.

Rainwater said they have also increased patrols at drug stores and other convenience store-type places that he may target.

The sheriff’s office is not releasing the amount of money that was taken, though anyone with information regarding the incident is asked to contact Detective Belafi at (770) 886-2800, Ext. 3339 or the agency’s non-emergency line at (770) 781-3087.