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Democratic Women named top club in state
Programs, growth contributing factors
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Forsyth County News

In heavily Republican Forsyth County, members of the opposition party don’t usually stand out much.

And it’s that distinction which makes a recent state award all the more meaningful for the Democratic Women of Forsyth County.

The organization was named the Most Outstanding Club in the state during the Federation of Democratic Women state convention in Conyers.

"I was totally thrilled," said Mary Chatfield, Forsyth club president. "I never in a million years thought we’d get that award.

"It was a lot of hard work and it just recognized, I think, a group of wonderful women."

Chatfield said about 150 women attended the convention, including 10 from the local club.

In a county with few Democrats, Chatfield said the local club has 35 dues-paying members and an e-mail list of more than 150 women.

It was the club’s recent growth that may have contributed to the award.

"The number of women I send e-mails out to every month has really grown," Chatfield said. "I was really glad because of the fact that we’re in such a Republican area that we got this award.

"I think it was also because of the outstanding programs we’ve had. Between some of the politicians that were running for office, and the captain in the Army that came to our May meeting, and the woman that came to talk to us about domestic violence ... it was a lot of different things."

In addition to the club honor, Forsyth members Wilma Turner and Tammy Tanner received True Blue Democrat pins.

Chatfield and member Marilyn Beverly also accepted the first-ever Bouquet Award, which recognizes dedicated Democrats.