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Forsyth County students headed to state art symposium
Pictured left to right, Abby Key, Maddie Skinner, Audrey Nguyen and Kelsey Smith, West Forsyth High School students attending the All-State Art Symposium. Not pictured: Brooke Ames and Nathan Achilles from North Forsyth High School, Quinn Tisdale from South Forsyth High School and Karl Huber from Lambert High School.

Eight Forsyth high school students are headed to the 2018 All-State Art Symposium hosted by Columbus State University.

In early March students from North Forsyth, South Forsyth, West Forsyth and Lambert High School will join thousands of other students from across Georgia at Columbus State University for art workshops, a judged exhibition and the chance to win awards and scholarships.

According to the All-State Art Symposium website, the annual All-State Art Symposium “is dedicated to promoting and recognizing the creative talents of high school students from Georgia's school districts.”

“It feels good to see them succeed and it makes me so proud that other people are going to see it. The great thing about the symposium is that it allows the students to take a tour of a college campus and see its art programs,” said Amy Henke, North Forsyth High School Art Teacher.

North Forsyth High School will be represented at the All-State Art Symposium by 11th graders, Brooke Ames and Nathan Achilles.

Both Ames and Achilles entered the symposium with an original photograph; Achilles’ photo is titled “Fairy Lights” and Ames’ photo is titled “Birds on a Wire.”

“I feel so honored and grateful for this opportunity to be recognized ... It took a while to even start my own Instagram and website for photography because I was nervous what people at school would think of me. None of it mattered in the end,” Ames said.

“I’ve been doing photography for around three or four years now, so for me to see my progress validated is an amazing feeling,” said Achilles. 

West Forsyth High School will be represented at the symposium by 11th grader Abby Key and 12th graders Audrey Nguyen, Maddie Skinner and Kelsey Smith.

Each of the West Forsyth students will have an original painting on display at the event.

“I’m very honored and this is one of the first times I’ve been a part of something so notable. I can only hope that this opportunity will bring more exposure to my work and assist in furthering my goals in art,” Smith said.

“While it is really exciting, it definitely caught me by surprise. I’ve never liked being the center of attention, so all of a sudden having a spotlight on me and my art was both cool and nerve-racking,” Skinner said.

South Forsyth High School will be represented at the symposium by ninth grader Quinn Tisdale. Tisdale will have her painting titled “The Bean” on display at event. 

Lambert High School will be represented at the symposium by 12th grader Karl Huber. Huber will have a photo on display at the event.

“I was really psyched that we got a student into All-State. [Huber] just being accepted is a big deal. This is going to be really cool, is going to be interacting with so many other schools and students,” said Kim D’Allen art teacher at Lambert High School in South Forsyth. 

All artwork for the All-State Art Symposium will be on display at The Corn Center for the Visual Arts from March 2-10.

The works will be judged at the district level by Jerushia Graham, museum coordinator for the Robert C. Williams Museum of Papermaking and at the state level by Rachel Reese, associate curator of modern and contemporary art at Telfair Museums in Savannah.

At the 2017 All-State Art Symposium Exhibition, South Forsyth High School student Ella Chang received an honorable mention.