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Governor taps Crow for education panel
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Forsyth County News


Forsyth County school board member Ann Crow has been named to Gov. Nathan Deal’s Education Advisory Board.

“He’s asked us to sit down and share with him, and having this opportunity is just a great honor,” Crow said.

Deal’s board is made up of four different groups, including school superintendents, principals, teachers and board members.

The governor said in a statement that the groups will work with him to “discuss how we can continue to improve educational outcomes for Georgia students.”

“The Georgians on this panel are leaders in their fields, and they are giving of their time and talents to help our state strive for educational excellence,” Deal said.

Crow, who recently began her third term on the local school board, said she had expressed interest in serving on the state panel.

“I really wanted to be able to share what we’ve done in Forsyth County, and also I’m very interested in education across the state,” she said.

“Any time people can sit down and talk about education issues, it’s a positive thing, because it’s such a key to our economic development and it’s a key to our future.”