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Hundreds receive flu shots
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Alyse Daknis is comforted by mother Mary Daknis before receiving a flu shot. - photo by Emily Saunders
If the children look nervous, Nancy Rithmire says she’ll count to five while administering the H1N1 vaccination shot.

Santiago Castelan must have had that look.

“One ... two ...  three,” Rithmire said, pulling the needle away. “Oh my, we didn’t even get to five.”

Rithmire, the Forsyth County school system’s head nurse, and others from the district and county health department gave shots to 675 people Tuesday afternoon at Forsyth Central High School.

It was the second of two free clinics offering the vaccine against H1N1, or swine flu. The first was Dec. 9 at North Forsyth High.

Marlene Castelan said she decided to bring her 9-year-old son after receiving a flyer from his elementary school.

“It’s just in case,” she said.

The shots Tuesday were reserved for children, school system employees and their spouses.

Anyone else can receive a vaccination at the health department, said Tracy Bauer, office manager. Previous restrictions on who could receive the vaccination have been lifted.

H1N1 cases have slowed some, Rithmire said, though the Centers for Disease Control is predicting second wave.

“We want to vaccinate as many as we can,” she said.

The line stayed long Tuesday. Most came for precautionary measures.

“I thought I might need it. Who knows?” said Sherri Taylor, who works at South Forsyth High.

Many district employees took advantage of the free offering, since they spend their days around students.

Some groups, including children, the elderly and pregnant women, are more at higher risk for H1N1.

Sarah Allen, 15, wanted to get the shot though her mother, Susan Allen, wasn’t as worried.

“I’m not really concerned about it,” Susan Allen said. “But it is susceptible for young people.”

Mary Daknis was worried about 5-year-old daughter Alyse, who had received the first of her two doses from a pediatrician.

“I’ll wait in an hour line for that,” she said.

Her daughter didn’t share the excitement. Not a fan of shots, she clutched a plastic baby doll and cried before the needle reached her skin.

Some sobs were heard throughout the crowd, but all who were vaccinated walked out with a bandage, soda and, perhaps, some peace of mind.