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Officials: Gas main break will delay Brookwood Elementary School dismissal today
They report that all students are safe and the gas company is on scene

Brookwood Elementary School will not be dismissed as normal this afternoon due to a gas main break, according to Forsyth County Schools officials.

According to Forsyth County Schools Director of Communication Jennifer Caracciolo, all students at the school are safe and are being held by their teachers until the break on Vaughn Drive in south Forsyth County has been fixed. 


Caracciolo said that they are advising parents not to come to the school or to the area, and are urging parents to follow their dismissal procedure once the all-clear message is sent out by the school. 

Parents were notified of this incident by the school system at 1:52 by phone, text and social media.

Caracciolo said the school district has not been given an ETA on when the scene will be cleared. 

According to Cpl. Doug Rainwater of the Forsyth County Sheriff's Office, Brookwood Road has been totally closed down at Vaughan Drive. Rainwater said that they are urging residents to avoid the road until the break has been fixed and traffic has resumed flowing.