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Election results certified; runoff set for Aug. 10
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Forsyth County’s primary election results have been certified and, with just seven additional ballots, the outcomes remain the same.

District 3 county commission candidates Todd Levent and incumbent Jim Harrell each picked up two votes, further securing their place in the Aug. 10 runoff.

The two Republicans aren’t the only ones heading to a runoff.

The Aug. 10 Republican ballot will also include: Nathan Deal and Karen Handel for the party's gubernatorial nomination; Sam Olens and Preston W. Smith for attorney general; and Ralph Hudgens and Maria Sheffield for commissioner of insurance and safety fire.  

Tom Graves and Lee Hawkins will also be on the Republican ballot in a runoff for the U.S. District 9 House. It is their fourth meeting this year.

The two faced off in a June runoff from the May special election for the seat vacated by Deal.

Graves won the runoff and is serving out the remainder of the term, which ends this year.

Next month's vote will decide if he will stay for a full term or if Hawkins will take over in January.

South Forsyth voters who don’t live in District 9 can decide between Republicans Rob Woodall and Jody Hice for the U.S. District 7 House seat.

County Democrats have fewer options in the runoff. Only the secretary of state’s race between Gail Buckner and Georganna Sinkfield is on their ballot.

Barbara Luth said she’s proofed the runoff ballots and is preparing for early and advanced voting, which likely will be Aug. 2-6.

“If we should get our database sooner, we’ll open sooner,” she said.

Any registered voter can participate in the runoff election, regardless of whether they voted during the primary, Luth said.

However, if they voted Republican in the primary, they can only vote Republican in the runoff and likewise for Democrats.

“But if you did not vote in the primary at all, you can vote either Democrat or Republican," she said.