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Do not let dishonest ads sway your vote
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Forsyth County News


With only a few days left in what has seemed a long, endless march toward this year’s general election, Georgians can expect to be bombarded over the next week with increasingly negative and accusatory political advertising.

For voters, it is important not to become misled by 30-second sound bites that may distort the truth with ominous “revelations” about one political candidate or another.

Especially in the race for governor it has become obvious that the political strategists have decreed that no mud shall remain unthrown by the time we stagger to the polls on election day.

Much of the current wave of political attack ads are the result of hired political consultants who employ scorched earth campaining tactics, never looking back to see the damage done as a result of win-at-all-cost strategies.

But this year’s elections are too important to be decided by the half-truths, distortions and outright lies of last minute commercials and frequenlty anonymous mailouts.

Considering the issues at stake on Nov. 2, it is incumbent upon voters to do their homework and research the candidates for all elective offices on issues of merit, so that educated votes can be cast based on political positions and philosophies rather than acerbic and accusatory advertising.

To make intelligent choices in the voting booth, it is essential that voters challenge the credibility of the political advertising with which they will be bombarded over the next week.

Where does the message originate? Is it anonymous, and if so why? Is the full story being told or is a single element being taken out of context in order to mislead? Is one candidate attacking another for a position taken decades ago which may have changed?
Do the charges being lobbied back and forth have the ring of truth or desperation?

There are many credible avenues — from newspapers to Internet sites — for evaluating candidates based on their political stances on the issues.

Please take advantage of those opporunities to find out all you can about those seeking political office before the polls open on election day, so that you can proudly cast a ballot for a politician in whom you believe, rather than voting against someone based on a flood of negative advertising.