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Welcome to Life in Forsyth
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Forsyth County News
For more than a decade the Forsyth County News has annually published a Newcomer’s Guide to provide the stream of residents moving into the county with information about their new home.

We continue that tradition with today’s edition of the FCN, but with a slight twist. In our “Life in Forsyth” section, you’ll find a wealth of information valuable to newcomers, but also plenty about the county that is of benefit to long-time residents as well.

At a time when there is so much focus on all the problems with which we must contend on a daily basis, we thought Life in Forsyth presented the perfect opportunity to publish a reminder of all the good things to be found here in the county.

And there is plenty to brag about. It’s all a matter of perspective. Consider:

Local economy — We have it better than most. While up from previous years, unemployment is still down compared to much of the nation. Home and property values have not dipped as much as in other areas. Business growth, while slower than in recent years, still exists. Tax rates, compared to other parts of the country, remain favorable. Forsyth remains one of the most affluent and fastest growing counties in the nation.

Education — The public school system is one of the best in the Southeast and continues to improve. Five new schools will open this year. National and state awards and recognition for educational achievement have become commonplace. Local colleges are expanding offerings and facilities, and private schools are growing. The county has a growing library system that has been recognized as one of the nation’s best.

Parks and recreation — The county and the city of Cumming have superb local parks that are constantly being augmented with new additions. Incredible recreational opportunities exist thanks to the presence of Lake Lanier. Millions are being invested in the protection of greenspace, scenic beauty and local heritage.

Health care — Medical facilities are growing at an exceptional pace. Doctors with medical specialties are relocating here as the county becomes a destination for health care services.

Community — An amazing array of non-profits and charities are working hard to meet increasing needs, thanks to incredible financial and volunteer support from local residents. The county has an active and involved church and spiritual community whose presence is truly a foundation block for the county.

But the key to it all is the people who live here, and in this edition of Life in Forsyth we’ve featured a number of them — the faces you see every day as you live, work and play in the county. For newcomers it’s a guide to Forsyth; for those who have lived here for a while, it’s a reminder of why. We hope you enjoy.