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Guest column: I sold my business because of Obamacare, ran for office and won; I support Trump
Michael Williams. - photo by FCN file photo

FORSYTH COUNTY -- A year ago this month, I became the first elected official in Georgia to endorse Donald Trump for President. Some thought me to be an unlikely early supporter of Trump; I’m a state Senator from Georgia, one of the most conservative states in America, and I’m also a Mormon.

I have firsthand experience of the undue burden that government regulations place on small businesses. In 2003, I was a CPA making a solid middle-class income. I had just received a promotion and moved to Atlanta with my family of four children. The following year, I put it all on the line and took the risk of becoming a small business owner. I quit my job and bought into a fairly new franchise business. I had great faith in the company founders, their franchise model, and I believed in the American dream. By late 2007, I had 10 locations with plans and financing for more expansion.

Then 2008 happened. Financing became impossible, and small community banks were on their way out. The banks pulled all of my financing and credit lines. Losing these lines of credit placed my business and employees in very real jeopardy.

The following two-years were difficult. We lost our home and made many sacrifices to keep the business alive. Somehow we survived. In 2010, we emerged from the crisis and finally began expanding again. But 2010 was also the year Obamacare was signed into law.

Though we had grown to 18 locations, I knew we would not have the resources to handle complying with the Obamacare mandate. At the time, we offered many employee benefits, ranging from paid vacation to medical insurance subsidized by the company. My business would have to pay a significantly higher portion of the insurance costs. With more than 160 employees, we simply could not afford it.

In May of 2013, I decided to sell. I also decided not to sit on the sidelines anymore and let government officials ruin our country.

A little over a year later, I challenged my sitting state Senator in the Republican primary. I had never been involved in politics. I was a small businessperson and the very definition of an outsider. My opponent was one of the most senior members of the state Senate and had the support of the special interest groups and the establishment. The attacks came hard and often. It was the single most expensive state Senate race in Georgia that year. After a long-fought primary battle, I prevailed in a runoff. People were ready for change.

There is nobody better suited to ignite the American dream than Donald Trump. His economic plan will reduce taxes and regulations. The corporate tax rate will be reduced from 35 to 15 percent. This will unleash unimaginable growth in the private sector. He has proposed a one-time repatriation fee of 10 percent to allow trillions of offshore dollars back into our economy.

The Trump plan will also repeal the death tax, offering $10 million tax-free to exempt small businesses and family farms. No longer will families be forced to sell the family farm just to pay for the taxes of inheriting it.

On November 8th, please join me in taking a big step in the right direction to fix our economic problems, by casting a ballot for Donald J. Trump for President. Together, we will Make American Great Again!


State Sen. Michael Williams is running as the Republican incumbent for the District 27 seat in the Georgia Senate on Nov. 8. He is being challenged by Daniel Blackman.