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Lambert High School graduates ranked among top Atlanta metal bands
Avail the Lost
Forsyth County natives Mitchell Martin, second from right, and Tristan Trust, second from left, began the band Avail the Lost in April 2017. Other band members include Eric Fitz, Brian Ra, Carson Goodwin and Chris Worrel. -Alisa Malkova for the Forsyth County News - photo by For the FCN

Two Lambert High School graduates are starting to make waves in the Atlanta rock and metal scene after a debut album and a sold out show at The Masquerade Music Park in Underground Atlanta. 

Mitchell Martin and Tristan Trust of Avail the Lost, a six-piece hard rock band some might feel lies at the intersection of Def Leppard and Killswitch Engage, said they started the band while home in Forsyth County on winter break and never expected it to take off.

“Putting out music to the public was new to all of us, so there was a steep learning curve,” said Trust, laughing. “But it’s been amazing to see the response from everyone we know and even a lot of people we don’t know.”

Trust and Martin both graduated from Lambert High School and moved to Kennesaw State University together in 2014.  

Martin started playing guitar after his grandfather passed away. He said that he wanted to honor his memory by learning an instrument the man loved. 

“My grandpa really wanted me to learn to play guitar, but at the time I wasn’t that interested. After he died I felt bad and thought I might pick it up,” Martin said. 

Trust said that he also started at a family member’s insistence, and that he hasn’t looked back since. 

“When I was 8 years old my parents wanted me to play an instrument, and they gave me a choice of what I could play. I chose guitar, started learning and I never stopped. And I never plan on stopping.” Trust said. 

They put the band together from a variety of musicians that they had met while attending Kennesaw State University, and they said the different backgrounds of each musician bring something special to the music. 

“”We are very diverse musically, but in the end we come together to make our art,” said Martin.  

Avail the Lost dropped its first singles in late November, and when their first EP, “Heavy Hearts,” was released on Dec. 9, Trust said they were blown away by the response. 

“It’s crazy to get feedback from everyone, even people on other continents who like what you are doing,” he said.  

Currently, Avail the Lost is ranked No. 3 on the ReverbNation new Atlanta Metal Band chart, and on Dec. 30 they played a sold out show at Masquerade, opening for the headliner Ghost of Evergreen.

“It was kind of surreal. We got out on stage and in the moment it didn’t feel real, but when we started playing, it got real,” said Trust

“Everyone was singing along with us like they already knew our songs. That was incredible” said Martin. 

“We already had the fire lit under us; this just made us want to spread the fire,” said Trust.

Trust went on to say that they are going to take things “one day at a time” and work towards playing in the band full time. 

Avail the Lost is comprised of Mitchell Martin, Tristan Trust, Eric Fitz, Larson Goodwin, Brian Ra and Carson Worrel.  

Avail the Lost will play their next show on Jan. 12 at His Rock Music in Cumming.