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Lawmakers learn assignments
Seven serving on various committees
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At a glance

The members of Forsyth County’ state legislative delegation will serve on the following committees:



• District 9 Rep. Kevin Tanner — Education; Intragovernmental Coordination; Natural Resources & Environment

• District 22  Rep. Calvin Hill — Code Revision; State Planning and Community Affairs; Budget and Fiscal Affairs Oversight; Appropriations; Banks and Banking; Special Rules; State Properties

• District 24 Rep. Mark Hamilton — Energy, Utilities & Telecommunications; Industry and Labor; Appropriations; Governmental Affairs; Rules; Transportation

• District 25 Rep. Mike Dudgeon — Science & Technology; Education; Energy, Utilities & Telecommunications; Small Business Development committee

• District 26 Rep. Geoff Duncan — Banks & Banking; Interstate Cooperation; Science & Technology



• District 27 Sen. Jack Murphy — Regulated Industries and Utilities; Appropriations; Public Safety; Rules

• District 51 Sen. Steve Gooch — Economic Development; Appropriations; Rules; Natural Resources and the Environment


Source: Georgia General Assembly

The seven members of Forsyth County’s state legislative delegation enjoyed a busy start to the 2013 Georgia General Assembly.

For two of the Republican lawmakers, that meant being sworn in and appointed to their first committees in the House of Representatives.

District 26 state Rep. Geoff Duncan of south Forsyth will serve on the Banks & Banking, Interstate Cooperation and Science & Technology committees.

Fellow newcomer District 9 state Rep. Kevin Tanner of Dawsonville will serve on the Education, Intragovernmental Coordination and Natural Resources & Environment committees.

District 25 state Rep. Mike Dudgeon of south Forsyth was reappointed to the Science & Technology, Education and Energy, Utilities & Telecommunications committees. He was also tapped to serve on the Small Business Development committee.

“It’s going to be a lot of work with reducing red tape with economic development so I’m happy to be on that,” said Dudgeon, who’s beginning his second term.

Between his assignments, Dudgeon will get a chance to sit alongside Duncan and Tanner, as well as to continue to serve with District 24 Rep. Mark Hamilton of Cumming on the Energy, Utilities & Telecommunications Committee.

Hamilton, who chairs the Industry and Labor committee, also is on the Appropriations, Governmental Affairs, Rules and Transportation committees.

Much like Hamilton mentored him when he first joined the House, Dudgeon said he’s looking forward to paying it forward.

“Mark was very good to show me all the ropes and I’m trying to do the same,” he said.

The recent redistricting process gave District 22 Rep. Calvin Hill, a long-serving legislator from Canton, a portion of southwest Forsyth.

This year, the veteran Hill will chair the Code Revision Committee and serve as secretary of the committees for State Planning and Community Affairs and the Budget and Fiscal Affairs Oversight.

In the Senate, Forsyth’s lawmakers picked up some powerful positions.

District 51 Sen. Steve Gooch of Dahlonega will chair the Transportation Committee, as well as be vice chairman of the Economic Development Committee. He’s also a member of the Appropriations, Rules and Natural Resources and the Environment committees.

“A strong transportation infrastructure is needed in order to encourage economic development investment and expansion in Georgia,” said Gooch, a former transportation department board member.

District 27 Sen. Jack Murphy of Cumming was named chairman of the Regulated Industries and Utilities Committee, which handles gas, telecommunications, electric and other regulated industries.

“It’s a very powerful committee and it has lots of legislation coming through it, which is what I like from a committee,” Murphy said. “It became available because David Shafer … gave up the committee to be president pro tempore.”

Murphy said the new committee will be time consuming, which is why he stepped down from the Banking and Financial Institutions committee, which he chaired. Murphy also serves on the Appropriations, Public Safety and Rules committees.