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Legislator gets award, committee appointment

CUMMING — State Rep. Mark Hamilton has received two honors, including a statewide award and legislative committee appointment, in recent weeks.

The Republican from Cumming was appointed by House Speaker David Ralston to the Joint Study Committee on Critical Transportation Infrastructure Funding.

In a statement, Ralston called Hamilton “a diligent, thoughtful legislator who is well-respected by his colleagues in the Georgia House of Representatives.”

“His willingness to serve in this capacity bodes well for the work of this committee,” he said.

The committee, created by House Resolution 1573, is charged with identifying new sources and methods of funding for transportation infrastructure needs.

The 16 members will work in the months leading up to the 2015 Georgia General Assembly.

Hamilton was grateful for the assignment, noting that transportation is a “key element to attracting business and tourism to the state.”

“It also greatly impacts the quality of life for Georgians throughout the state, and it certainly has become one of the most important issues to the citizens of Cumming and Forsyth County,” he said.

“I look forward to studying innovative ways to fund transportation and infrastructure needs, and being part of a solution that will benefit all Georgia citizens.”

In late June, Hamilton also received the 2014 Legislative Award from the Council of Municipal Court Judges of the State of Georgia.

Hamilton was chosen based on his support, assistance and leadership on behalf of the council and for contributions he made to the state’s judicial system during the 2014 legislative session.

“We worked hard and tirelessly during this year’s session to enact legislation to improve our state’s judicial system, and I look forward to working together with the members of the Council of Municipal Court Judges in the future as we strive to better our system,” Hamilton said.

The Council of Municipal Court Judges works closely with the Administrative Office of the Courts and the General Assembly on legislative matters that are pertinent to effective operation of Georgia courts.

The mission of the council is to promote and maintain effective relations with the legislative and executive branches of government and present sound recommendations that support the needs of municipal courts.